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What is the most expensive thing that you have ever bought at the grocery store? What is the most expensive item that you have ever bought? Do you do the dishes every day or do you leave them in the sink overnight? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? What are 3 words that your closest friends would use to describe you? If you had people coming over for a meal, what would you cook? If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be? Out of the seven dwarfs from Snow White, which one are you most like and why? What is one thing that you have always wanted to do, but have not yet done? You want to make sure you find someone who is compatible to you. Below are speed dating questions that can help you get to know the people you will meet at your next speed dating event. I’m giving a talk about the challenges startup businesses have with management – and what founders and investors can about it.

That is the name of your first pet and the name of the street that you grew up on.

If yes, please name 2-3 people who are either clients or have committed to become clients at the price you intend to charge.

Even though there are online dating websites and apps you can use, you might find that you would rather meet people in person right away.

What is something that you are looking forward to in the next few months?

If you were to become famous, what would it be for?

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What is your favorite memory that you share with your best friend?

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