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Swein in the meantime had been burning Thorkel Flettir, to whom Jarl Paul had assigned Stroma during his (Swein's) banishment, in his house at Stroma, and then proceeded to offer his services to Jarl Rognvald, which were accepted. Thanks to Bishop William's intervention, it was at length decided that Jarl Rognvald should reside on the Mainland [Hrossey), and Jarl Paul at Rousay [Hrblfsey).TUDOR, " Old Wick," of " The Field." WITH CHAPTERS ON GEOLOGY By BENJAMIN N. Paul was with some men hunting otters in a stone heap on . Probably the burning of Thorkel Flettir and the visit to Earl Rognvald occurred about this time, as the two statements read somewhat at ^•ariance with each other in the Saga. Hakon had also another son, named Paul, but by whom is not recorded. By the former, to whom, however, he was not married, Hakon had a son named Harald Slettmali (smooth-talker), and two daughters, of whom one, Margaret, married Maddad, Earl of Athole. — • " At the game-board I am skilful ; Knowing in no less than nine arts ; Runic lore I well remember ; Books I like ; with tools I'm handy ; Expert am I on the snow-shoes, With the bow, and pull an oar well ; And, besides, I am an adept At the harp and making verses." ^ Sigurd Slembir's whole career seems to have been an extraordinary one, even iu those days of adventure. King Sigurd, at the same time, created Kali Earl or Jarl, and re-named him Rognvald, after Brusi's son, because his mother, Gunnhild, considered Rognvald had been the most accomplished of all the Orkney Jarls, and thought that the change of name would bring luck to her son.

Swein Asleif's son, slays Swein Briostreip at Orphir — ^Jarl Rognvald lands in Westray — Kidnapping of Jarl Paul — Landing of Harald Maddad's son — Burning of Frakork — Siege of Lambaborg — Rognvald and Harald visit Norway — Jorsalafaring — Erlend Harald's son becomes Jarl and slain — Rognvald murdered by Thorbiorn Klerk — Swein slain in Dublin — Mutilation of Bishop Jon — -Burning of Bishop Adam — Jon the last of the Norse Jarls . — The Cod, Smack, or Faroe Fishery — History of — How Conducted — Loss of Smacks — Shetlanders m Merchant Service — Naval Reserve Pages 129—145 CHAPTER XIL SHETLAND UNDER SCOTTISH AND BRITISH RULE {continued]. Causes retarding Agricultural Improvement — Holdings or Crofts- — Old Wooden Plough described— Tillage of Crofts — Shetland Water Mill — Crops Grown — Scatholds— Shetland Cattle — Sheep — Ponies — Swine — Geese— Crofter's Cottage — Mode of Life — Kelp Making— Hosiery — Shetland Tweed or " Claith " Pages \/ifi—\(i O CONTENTS. SHETLAND UNDER SCOTTISH AND BRITISH RULE {continued). Accordingly Paul was expected to spend one Christmas-tide with Harald at Orphir {Orfjara), and the latter, we are told, had made great preparations for his brother's entertainment.

I should also state that, in addition to what has already appeared in the columns of The Field, a good deal of the subject-matter of Chapter XII. Peach, Home, Fortescue, and White, for the chapters on the Geology and the Flora, and to Dr. Woollen Hood, 32 inches long, 17 mches broad, and with a fringe of two-ply cord, 35 inches ,n depth, found in the mo^s in St. Sigurd died shortly after making the award, but, owing to the contest between his son Magnus and Harald Gillichrist, an illegitimate son of Magnus Barelegs, it was four years before Kali, now Rognvald, was able to attempt to make good his claims on the Orkneys. Svv Ei N, the Viking, and, after Rognvald Kol's son and the great Jarl Thorfinn, the most prominent figure in the whole Saga, now appears on the scene.

At the same time he granted him half of the Orkneys to hold conjointly with Jarl Paul.

The great thing to be done was to make the descent on the Orkneys before Paul had time to collect his forces, and the system of beacon signals, which had been established, had for this purpose to be neutralised.

Rognvald the meanwhile had been making preparations for another attempt on the Orkneys, and, by the advice of Kol his father, vowed, if successful, to erect " a stone minster at Kirkwall " {Kirkiiivag), and dedicate it to his uncle Jarl Magnus the Holy.

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That the book in many respects is not what I should have wished it to have been, I am painfully aware, as owing to circumstances out of my own control, the greater portion had to be drafted, so to speak, when out of reach of any reference library, and a considerable portion has, in consequence, practically had to be rewritten as the sheets were passing through the press, and to this cause the reader must kindly attribute any shortcomings, inaccuracies, or discrepancies he may discover. Both schemes failed ; Paul first of all defeated Olvir Rosta off Tankerness, and then, having captured five of his vessels, proceeded at once to Shetland, where he caught Rognvald napping, and, seizing his ships, declined Rognvald's proposal 40 THE ORKNEYS AND SHETLAND. Rognvald and his followers, therefore, were compelled to find their way back to Norway, with their combs cut, in merchant vessels ; and Paul, as a precautionary measure, established a beacon on Fair Isle {Fridarey), which should be lighted on the approach of a hostile force from Shetland {Bjaltland), and other beacons on North Ronaldsay {Rinaiist-y) ahd others of the Orkneys. He had invited a number of friends to spend Christmas with him in Caithness, when he was burnt in his house three days before that festival by Olvir Rosta.

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