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We also know that it is even more frustrating for a dater to be accused of being too picky, or not serious about wanting to get married, because they turned down a suggestion for someone whose qualities sound very different from what he or she is looking for.

At the same time, we've often seen people turn down suggestions that appear to have good potential on grounds that, in the overall scheme of things, shouldn't be deal-breakers.

is a project of Aish International: "Connecting Jews to Judaism." I love Aish's articles.

It just hurts my eyes to try to read white text on a navy background.

Rosie and Sherry are the authors of the popular books, Dating Smart - Navigating the Path to Marriage, Talking Tachlis - A Singles' Strategy for Marriage, and In The Beginning - How to Survive Your Engagement and Build a Great Marriage, and contributors to A Practical Guide to Rabbinic Counseling., also appears in French, Spanish, and Hebrew.Even though Ronni and Shana were both bright and sincere, wanted to move to Israel, had similar religious outlooks, and were looking for a good-hearted person, none of their friends thought their personalities would go together. Judah agreed to a blind date with Abby even though she wasn't the "type" he was looking for.She seemed to have everything else on his short list except the tall, dark appearance he was attracted to.And we know of many friends, relatives, and acquaintances of singles who may hold back from recommending a shidduch that sounds great "on paper" and may actually work, because in their mind's eye they "can't see the two of them together".Even though these difficulties are just some of the reasons why the process of setting people up is far from perfect, the fact is that most people first meet the people they will marry through an introduction.

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