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Let's start by subclassing Wicket’s Wicket favors convention over configuration.

Adding a new web page to the application requires creating two files: a Java file and an HTML file with the same name (but different extension) under the same directory.

Now we are ready to build our first Wicket application.

The key is that your component must be a Form Component, otherwise the event won't be triggered.

Simple components like Check Box, Text Field, Drop Down Choice are all Form Components.

The locale is automatically extracted from the HTTP request, but can also be explicitly set with get Session()Locale(Locale. Eclipse & JDK setup If you don’t have Eclipse and JDK installed, follow this URL – https://digitalappconsultancy.com/site/learning-java-hello-world-example/ Software used are listed below; Eclipse 4.6.x JDK 1.8.x Apache Wicket 7.7.x Apache Tomcat 8.5 Maven & Wicket (optional) Eclipse Plugin package com.webapp; import org.apache.wicket. Web Page; import org.apache.wicket.request.mapper.parameter. Page Parameters; /** * @author Niranjan Velagapudi * */ public class Home Page extends Web Page /** * */ package com.webapp.page; import

Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior; import org.apache.wicket.basic.

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The body of the HTML file callback method that updates the label's model once ajax request is issued.

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