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They both had terrible later lives after their careers fizzled out in the early 50s.Ladd in particular had a horrible ending, dying of uremic poisoning for alcoholism.There are many Alan Ladd western movies and this one is a good one.Alan Ladd will always be most remembered for his title role in the movie western Shane .Unfortuantely she was a monster to work and Hollywood couldn't kick her to the curb fast enough when her star faded. He was tiny (5'4" I believe), and she was pretty much the only actress who was shorter than he was -- she must have been barely 5'0". Ladd too -- his son was a producer though, so he must have had some money.The son was the husband of Charlie's replacemnt Angel Cheryl Ladd.

I guess she was like the 40s equivalent of Val Kilmer - people will tolerate your bad behavior only as long as you are "hot" career-wise. His mother married a house painter who moved them to California–a la “The Grapes of Wrath”–when he was eight. He was malnourished, undersized and nicknamed Tiny.They starred in four films together because they liked each other and had great chemistry, but also because they did not look ridiculous standing next to one another (normally his other, taller leading ladies had to stand in trenches or he would have to stand on a box for their close-up scenes). They sang a song together with Dorothy Lamour for some star-spangled all-star Paramount tribute to the troops filmed during the war called "A Sweater, a Sarong and a Peekaboo Bang"Veromnica Lake inspired one of my all-time favorite site gags in film--this is the military boy's school dance from THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR, when the cadets accompany Ginger Rogers (masquerading as a 12 year-old girl) and complain about the epidemic Lake has inspired at the neighboring girls' school, Miss Shackleford's--see - or so: That number with the trio of Lake, Goddard and Lamour is (or at least once was) on youtube.Look for it under the film's name Star Spangled Rhythym starring Betty Hutton.

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This movie also has Alan Ladds son David Ladd, Dean Jagger, James Westerfield , Cecil Kellaway , Henry Hull , Harry Dean Stanton , Tom Pittman, John Carradine, King the dog.

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