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It’s easy for the female archer and the male water bearer to meet, for both are social butterflies.As a fire sign Sagittarius woman is full of energy, working the crowd at a party or a club, meeting new people and generally having fun.How compatible are Sagittarius women and Aquarius men mentally, emotionally and sexually?The match between the Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man is a natural one, for she is a trailblazer and he’s looking to change the world.They are both on a quest for new experiences, and can handle the journey together or alone.In short, these two zodiac signs have great love compatibility between each other make a great match.Because the Sagittarius Aquarius match work so well together, it’s easy for them to make the ultimate commitment to each other. The match of Sagittarius and Aquarius is generally a smooth one with lots to share in common.

He knows his goals well and directions to achieve them as well.Both of them value freedom, growth and independence in love relationship.Sagittarius’s approach to love, however, may be a little more impulsive and emotional than Aquarius who is calmer partner in the relationship.When he feels that he is allowed the proper amount of independence and freedom, he proves to be a loyal and true companion. She tends to reach her goals with the greatest of ease, as long as everything flows easily around her.Face her with confrontation and she can turn things around as her rebellious side surfaces. Although she may seem inconsistent with what she does and quite confused in doing so, she is quite the socialite.

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The Aquarius male loves mind games and mental foreplay.

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