Are kenny chesney and amy colley still dating

Kenny’s concerts always draw huge crowds, so he is able to regularly sell out big stadiums.One of the joys of these stadium shows is the pre-show tailgate, where Chesney says the audience is, “hyperalive” with expectation.As a show of his appreciation, Bush gifted Chesney a pair of priceless Rocky Carroll-designed eel skin cowboy boots.The footwear was customized with Kenny’s initials and the flags of the US and Australia on them.The officer was planning to attend the Chesney concert that night but was in the hospital.After hearing about the wounded lawman, Kenny paid tribute to him, by mentioning him to the 70,000 fans at Lincoln Financial Field, but he got carried away and said the officer had passed.There were various rumors, including one that Chesney was dating Miranda Lambert, but that news proved to be false.

Kenny and Tim then scuffled briefly with the police, and were arrested.Luckily, the charges against the pair were dropped.Officer Christopher Dorman, serving in the South Philadelphia area, was shot 7 times in the line of duty by a drug dealer.Bush was scheduled to have a state dinner with Australian Prime Minister John Howard.For entertainment, Bush invited Kenny Chesney to serenade them.

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