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“We're super close and it was really cool to be able to share this experience,” Justice said.

One of the cutest Hollywood couples, Avan Jogia and Zoey Deutch are no more together. They have already ended their long-term relationship which has created a wide attention and curiosity in regards to their love affair and unsuccessful relationship..

“I think they might find it satisfying,” Jogia teased.

Their characters run in different crowds, but their attraction is undeniable.

In February, Jogia spoke briefly (and sort of vaguely) about having a relationship in the public eye in an interview with Glamoholic magazine.

He said, Maybe I’ve been lucky but I think that it’s mostly a choice.

“Fans never got to see it, cause [show creator] Dan [Schneider] made the choice to edit that out and go a different direction,” Justice explained.

The dynamics of working together haven't changed much from their Nickelodeon days, although as Justice pointed out, her make-out partner “probably has more hair on his body now.” All jokes aside, though, what keeps them coming back for more projects together is the love and respect they have as friends.

As evidenced by the film's trailer (and pointed out by ] When Justice and Jogia spoke with MTV News, they agreed that loyal Bori shippers will likely dig the film.

Her kindness made him smile, and they've made each other happy ever since.

These two met so quickly that they don't even know how it happened — hence the blurry photo. But all that matters is that they're happily together now, right?

Before starring on Twisted, you may remember Jogia from his role on Nickelodeon's Victorious.

As for Deutch, she's been in movies including Vampire Academy and Beautiful Creatures.

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If you don’t want to be a spectacle don’t make it a spectacle, and hopefully mostly you’ll be left alone. Upon second glance, she realized, nope, that gray pattern is not part of a couch. But she sat down anyway, and the two began talking.

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