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Dating in the 21st Century is much different than dating in the 1970's or 1980's. Spira shows a lot of courage in talking about some of her more painful experiences with Cyber-Dating.

From those "confessions", I have a much better idea of how to navigate dating in this online era.

It's the perfect book for someone about to enter the dating world, someone who's already i When I decided to write a book about my own online dating experiences ( I considered who I'd want to write its foreword and Julie Spira was the obvious choice. I enjoyed it as a Sex & The City type of story telling, and read it for pleasure as I am in a relationship and will not be dating online any time soon. Julie Spira's book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online, is the most truthful and hilarious books about searching online for love that I've ever read.

Besides having walked the walk and dated the date, as it were, Julie has a wonderful knack for talking the talk--she describes her dating adventures with refreshing honesty, delightful humor, and invaluable cautionary advice. Her search to find "the one" are relatable to anyone who has ever tried to find love online.

Cyber-Dating is definitely a big business; just look at all of the television commercials pushing different sites.I do not know where to begin on why this book was so bad.I will start with the fact that even though she states she is a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love all the way through the book she mention her size 0 shopping sprees, her brand names, types of cars, professions of dates, swanky upscale "meet" places.Her advice about various aspects I was pleansantly surprised at how much insight the book provided.Her advice about various aspects of cyber-dating seems to be spot on. I just finished reading Julie's book and I loved it!

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