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Build-time generation, as used for XAML, is a better option in most cases.This article describes how to implement the same model used by WPF/Silverlight/Xamarin. First, you need a build target that updates the generated files, emits them into the intermediate output directory, and injects them to the set, so that it is incremental.The target will be skipped if the output file exists is newer than all of the input files - the project file and the resource files.The project file is included in the inputs list because its write time will change if the list of resource files changes.You either have to force migration of the project to the new system via an IDE, or handle the old system and make the migration optional - e.g. You have to update the project templates and samples, and you have to build a migration system that removes the designer files from the project and adds Generator metadata to existing files.

The basic idea is to generate C# code from other files in the project, and include it in the build.

Build-time code generation is a really powerful way to automate repetitive parts of your code.

It can save time, reduce frustration, and eliminate a source of copy/paste bugs.

So, the generated code is updated whenever the project changes. The code completion system detects the change to the generated file and reparses it.

This metadata has to be applied to the items by the IDE (or the user).

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