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Something I can live with and still have a good chat over a glass of deceptive misleading upselling stragedy.fairfax media must surely be the .source of CATFISH mode/practice.Then once your stamps are used all of sudden you receive a discounted fee on new stamps. I do not understand why they charge for membership..charge you for stamps on top of that..there are NO incentives all it basically is you can see who viewed your profile.If anything they it should be free the way its designed. The quality of the men on this website is very poor. I send winks to men and four out of five completely ignore me.

Most would say sorry Im am leaving the site or something.I made a complaint to the website regarding concerns about one of their members - I provided some preliminary information about the member and asked what further evidence they required.I was told to read the Ts and Cs to establish if a breach had occurred.This is often an issue for women on other dating sites and apps who get harassed when they turn men down or don't respond. They replied with winks back from my interest then i sent messages using paid stamps & No reply back .Having said that, there aren't a lot of people on it compared to Tinder, Bumble and other mobile apps. Im talking about 6 or so profiles not only one instance .

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