Avoid dating pitfalls

He nodded in the affirmative, and off you went to fetch two coffees.

The date: After bringing two cups of steaming joe to his table, you sit down for a chat. Tall, Dark and Handsome turns out to be the Strong Silent Type - he barely utters a word, no matter how many conversation starters you offer up.

At the restaurant, you fill up your plate but notice that there's no garlic nan, so you ask a waiter for an order and then inquire whether your date would like some too. "That costs extra."Instead of shooting him, try this: Matter-of-factly inform him that you'll be having the garlic nan, and if it costs extra, well, you'd be more than happy to pay for it.

Clearly, this man is beyond redemption, so your best bet is to chalk the date up to experience, and move on.

By thinking of the bottom line and then approaching all communication at that level, you can bypass some of the irritation via interruption. You know, the party where you had that one wine you really enjoyed?

Ok, so what was the name of the plumber that he mentioned really liking?

And if you can avoid picking up men at fast-food restaurants in the future, even better.5. Melissa Roske, ACC, founder of Wheels in Motion Coaching (

The Clam Where you met him: At your local Starbucks. Instead of shooting him, try this: Take a deep, cleansing breath and say, "Well, now that you've heard all about me, let's find out about YOU! It's important to try to meet a variety of men, but if you discover that someone is simply not your cup of tea, don't torture yourself. Wheels In Motion Coaching.com), is a New York University-trained Life and Personal Coach, committed to helping clients to realize their potential and to successfully attain their goals.

If he apologizes and agrees to keep up his end of the bargain (meaning, going on the date he'd promised), that's great.But, just in case you do, here's lifeline - in the form of the following five tips - to help you cope (until, at least, you can call a cab and get the hell outta there)! He tapped you on the shoulder and said, "What's a cute gal like you doing in a line like this? He seemed kind of funny, wasn't half bad-looking and didn't have "Ax Murderer" written on his forehead - so naturally you agreed to go.The date: You agree to meet at the venue at pm, in order to have enough time before the 8pm curtain to settle in and enjoy a glass of pre-show champagne.He was typing wildly on his Macbook; you were admiring his keyboarding skills, and rugged good looks, from afar. " This will give him the chance to prove that he does indeed own a set of vocal chords. Certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Melissa is also an internationally published author, advice columnist and relationships advisor. After gathering your courage, you sidled up to him and asked for his opinion on Macs - over a venti skim latte, your treat. If this attempt to open him up shuts like a door in your face, politely excuse yourself for an "appointment" you have to go to.

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but if you look carefully, these attitudes will still be there) On the Clock or all business: You can recognize this state of being by the one word answers, slightly clipped replies, distracted mentality and maybe a little irritability if you interrupt a stream of thought or creativity.

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