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This script allows you to perform a block moving robot arm simulation. This application was built for windows using Active X controls. Operating Systems: Python, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS Windows Flash Player 1.0 This is a full-featured player to play Shockwave Flash movies (.swf).Periodic Table Control 1.0 Periodic Table Control allows you to display periodic table of elements.

You have to be able to estimate your real chances as a home buyer.Work the numbers and do not let the numbers overwhelm you!Dictionary Maker 1.0 This set of scripts is intended to build a dictionary of words, to make an index or spell-checker or to create bases of words for tools that build a list of keyword from a web page.JPEG Picture Auto-Rotator helps users automatically rotate pictures/photos/images in JPEG format into the correct orientation based by the EXIF meta data stored in the pictures by digital cameras. Change Wallpaper Timely, with shuffle you will have a new wallpaper every login. Software for playlists generation (radio broadcast schedule) by the user-specified criteria.JPEG Picture Auto-Rotator runs on Windows XP or later systems. "Moody Desktop" will allow you to fix: Change wallpaper on login. The program has following functions: * creation of unlimited number of clips templates; * ability to specify an unlimited number of conditions and condition groups of arbitrary nesting for each template clip; * creation of unlimited number of playlists templates; ... It comes with clean and unique UI, amazing Animations and Much more.

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