Backdating economic hardship deferrment

You should contact your guaranty agency or school if you have a different type of loan.

You should continue paying while your application is pending.

Each time they have called regarding my account and each time I have requested a loan deferral form, as I am earning below the repayment fresh hold.

It took tree months for this form to arrive but whilst waiting their calls kept on coming asking for repayment, sometimes up to three times a day.

There are two ways to qualify for an unemployment deferment.

The simpler way is to provide proof of eligibility to receive unemployment benefits.

Each unemployment deferment may last for up to six months. If you are applying under the seeking full-time employment category, you must certify that you have made at least six diligent attempts to obtain full-time employment in the last six months.

) Then after 6 months of this malarky going on and like everybody else above I too was penalised with extra payments for the completley unnecessary letter they sent out. I *like* SLC - compared to HSL, they are friendly, helpful, organised and reasonable. Please all join together to support this just cause.They were very sorry on the phone, but to be honest, every time I get mail from HSL, I have to phone them up and sort out some kind of screwup. Imagine their office: "Right you lot I am getting it in the neck from above that we are not crawling back enough money, therefore you must lose 500 applications for deferment". Three times i've tried to set up a standing order to repay installments to these donkeys. It took about 2 months and multiple phone calls to finally get them removed.Chap I spoke to today was helpful, but told me he couldn't send out a statement, confirming that I didn't owe them this £2392. All they do is manage loans, yet they can't send me a statement? Honestly - I have one loan with SLC, and it's orders of magnitude less trouble to manage. Three times the money has failed to go through because they gave me the wrong account details. Tip - don't bother with the monkeys who answer the phones - most of them don't have a clue - just get put straight through to their complaints department - they are the only people able to actually do stuff.Borrowers should use this form when applying for an unemployment deferment. And then that sum somehow became the arrears, hence this letter. Then the guy on the phone try to haggle with me saying he would take off the "new" charge if I paid the other one there and then.

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