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Suddenly, they seem even more two dimensional, even if you’re trying to be diligent about reading through profiles and giving people a chance. We are happy to announce the “Happiness Index: Love and Canine Relationships in America” report, a new groundbreaking national research initiative revealing that canines are some of the most intuitive and happiest animals on the planet.

The new report utilized a proprietary bark and tail wag measurement scale to determine…

Enter a name and approximate age, and it will often find the person you seek. After registering (which puts you in the directory), turns up comprehensive results that get you back in touch with people you knew.

This brings Google’s total data center investment in St. The Digital Innovation Valley project has created a cluster of high-tech businesses and put technology at the heart of the education system.

As a result, we had a great team of people supporting our investment in the area who were very helpful during the site selection process. If you are a member of the media, please contact [email protected]

Belgium local street artist Oli-B took inspiration from “the cloud” for his colorful mural on the outside of our St. He’s painted clouds that include elements specific to the region, the data center, and the people who run it — including the sheep that roam the data center grounds and a balloon from the annual festival, L'Ascension à Saint-Ghislain.

In 2007, we announced that we would invest €250 million in building an energy-efficient data center near the towns of St. The facility, which became fully operational in 2010, was the first Google Data Center worldwide to run entirely without refrigeration, using instead an advanced evaporative cooling system that draws grey water from a nearby industrial canal.

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