Best parsing and validating programming language

" Either I got no answers or the answers were like comparing apples and oranges.

(For instance, comparing XML:: Parser to the Unix grep utility.) So I decided to take one of the sample programs contained in the XML:: Parser distribution, XMLstats, and implement it using different parsers.

In the case of and big.xml, the contents of the root element were just repeated, 8 and 32 times respectively.

While some of them have a validating mode, all the parsers were run as non-validating parsers.

Some of the parsers wanted it to be there if you declared it, even in non-validating mode.

The other documents are mechanically expanded versions of

Only a single parser is tested for Perl and Python, but two parsers each are tested for C and Java.

All of these parsers run under Linux, and all are stream-oriented.

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