Bind9 slave server not updating

In a chroot enviroment, BIND9 has access to all the files and hardware devices it needs, but is unable to access anything it should not need.App Armor is installed by default on recent Ubuntu releases.In this way, DNS alleviates the need to remember IP addresses. Ubuntu ships with BIND (Berkley Internet Naming Daemon), the most widely deployed DNS server.In this configuration BIND9 will find the answer to name queries and remember the answer for the next query. By caching DNS queries, you will reduce bandwidth and (more importantly) latency.Remember that this path is relative to the root set by -t.BIND9 has a wide variety of logging configuration options available.A secondary master DNS server is used to complement a primary master DNS server by serving a copy of the zone(s) configured on the primary server.Secondary servers are recommended in larger setups.

I have also disabled the iptables firewall, as that is not difficult to set up and allow port access between the 3 servers.There are two main options to BIND9 logging the channel option configures where logs go, and the category option determines what to log.Hi all, I have set up a master BIND DNS server with 2 slaves.This is where the files for all slave zones will be kept.This increases security, by stopping the ability of an attacker to edit any of your master zone files if they do gain access as the bind user.

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