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Please do not enter this site if you are not legally allowed to purchase the products on it.Thanks very, very much to Trudy Haughland, who posted all these ideas to the Guiding Mailing List!But when we factor in the Of course, we shouldn’t forget that there’s a certain amount of overhead involved with contacting someone (scanning her profile for common interests, thinking of jokes to make, taking a deep breath, clicking around, and so on).If we include 5 minutes of forethought, we find that the actual ideal first message length is 200 characters, or 1 minute’s worth of typing for the average writer.and adds a word beginning with A that describes what a Guide/Scout is (or should be).The longer a dating can at least occasionally regard his wife as a sex object, the better their marriage.Decide which is north and write 'N' on the marker; do not label the other markers.One of each pair stands in a space with feet slightly apart, and holding a clean hanky, which they must wave about their head and change from hand to hand without moving their feet.

) pulling the ear or nose of the person next to her, who then does the same to the next person, etc.

Messages sent by guys are, overall, only about half as likely to get replies as similar messages from women.

But when you consider we’re including dudes who send out messages such as:a baseline reply rate of 22% is looking pretty darn great.(All those were actual first messages, by the way.)Now, our graph clearly shows that in raw terms, it helps guys to write longer messages.

ONE LETTER STORY - Make up as long a story as possible with each word in the story beginning with the same letter e.g.

Whatever the question the answer must be 'SAUSAGES'.

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BLOWING IN THE WIND - Put markers round the room to show 8 points of the compass.

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