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“Blake and Gwen are head over heels in love, but don’t want to feel rushed to tie the knot when everything is going so well in both of their lives,” the insider explained.“Everyone is asking what they are waiting for, but they really just don’t want to rock the boat.She divorced Gavin Rossdale last year after 13 years of marriage, then started dating her fellow 's songs are clearly about getting over the pain of a breakup ("Used to Love You," for example, or "Me Without You"), just as many are about the fun of new love. Below, 20 lyrics that are probably about Gwen's new relationship with Blake, including several that are definitely about sexting. You're like drugs, you're like drugs to me / I'm so into you totally. The way that you kissed me wasn't typical / Took me out of my body, something spiritual. I can't believe it, that you even exist / You know I would be dumb to give perfection up. Send me a picture right now / 'Cause I been waiting such a long time / To get you right in front of these eyes. Maybe I deserve this boy after all that I've been through / How can all of this be true. There's nothing I could do / I just can't resist / You got the perfect kiss. I'm thinking things I never thought before / Like what your love would taste like, give me more / Don't sell this feeling at the grocery store. But out of everything, you're my favorite / I tried a lot of things, but you're my favorite. I was drifting out, then you pulled me in / Lightning on my skin, turn me on just like a switch / Now you got me lit, oh no you didn't. I really don't wanna embarrass myself / No one's gonna believe me, not even myself / And they're all gonna say I'm rebounding, so rebound all over me / 'Cause I don't want nobody else. You're a sapphire / You're a rolling stone / You're a sparkle in a deep black hole / You're like moon-shine when the curtains close / You're my answer, one that no one knows. Why'd you have to go and make me like you / Yeah, this is a feeling I'm not used to / Why'd you have to go and make me like you / I'm so mad at you 'cause now you got me missing you. I wanna see you right now with no filter / Take another snapshot in the mirror. Yeah, you putting in overtime / I scored, you are the prize. So this is what the truth feels like / Oh, this is more of what I had in mind / Yeah, this is what the truth feels like / And I'm feeling it, I'm feeling it / Something about this just feels so right. Gwen Stefani has sold the house she shared with ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, and it appears she is planting new roots with her boyfriend, Blake Shelton.

The common question people have about it is: Is it about her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale or her current flame Blake Shelton? Then it went to joyful." So, what does that mean for "Misery"?Instead, the lyrics ("Put me out of my misery/ Hurry up, come see me" and "I’m thinking things I’ve never thought before/ Like what your love would taste like") appear to peg her budding romance with her co-coach-turned-boyfriend Blake Shelton as the subject for the second time, following "Make Me Like You." But that could just be some clever misdirection on her part. But considering the newness factor hinted in her "so into you totally" and "I'm thinking things I never thought before/ Like what your love would taste like" lines ... (For what it's worth "Make Me Like You" falls fourth on that list, so by her description it'd be one of the sassier entries, too.When she first shared the skinny on the track list, Gwen assured us that the first half of would be "dark and humorous." Back in November, she laid it out to Carson Daly at 97.1 as follows: "If you hear the record, the entire record — the first half was like that. The story behind why she split from Rossdale is even more crazy than we imagined."If I could, I would just tell you everything, and you would just be in shock," Stefani said.

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With a crazy year under her belt that saw the demise of her 13-year marriage to Gavin Rossdale and the start of a fresh new romance with her after all, so here are five truths we're loving from the interview:1. She reveals what brought her and Blake Shelton together. __She says that singing about her newfound happiness is "so fresh" to her because she "needed something new to happen. First of all, didn't she JUST reveal how her new album turned into songs about being madly in love after she connected with Shelton (see above)?

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