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The generation that started reading the Harry Potter books will change that.

After my interview, I leave with an armful of books she insists I read and plans to get together again, as we are neighbors in this close-knit town. Nan Talese: I was working at and Gay and I were dating.

I went to the convent at the Trinità dei Monti at the top of the Spanish Steps and I told the nuns I would like to be married in the chapel there.

They said, we haven’t had a wedding here, my child, in 50 years. NT: Shaw was in town and he and Gay knew each other.

And I said, I think it’s just fine even though it was only rumored at that time. I only realized later on that I didn’t like the social world. KA: You were the only woman working at Random House at when you began your career? Women were editors of cookbooks and children’s books. KA: Do you think more commercial books subsidize less commercial books? He probably won’t earn back his advance immediately on , which is about the Battle of the Somme; they are such fantastic books!

Hotchner came in about a week later and they called me upstairs again. Having a book with me protected me from other people. But I also have published Margaret Atwood for 37 years, and she has a real following.

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