Carbon dating chemistry

The accuracy of this method is largely dependent on an assumed absolute ratio of C-14 to C-12, which is supposed to have remained constant over time.

However, in reality the ratio varies with time and place.

Why was carbon chosen for the dating method, out of all the radioactive elements?

Chemistry and writing technologies seem to go hand in hand believe it or not.The fact that scientific methods like these, fail beyond a certain domain of approximation, doesn't make them redundant.It only means that these need to be used with caution and with a knowledge of the limits of their accuracy.Under very hot temperatures — greater than 100,000,000 Kelvin (179,999,540.6 F) — the helium nuclei begin to fuse, first as pairs into unstable 4-proton beryllium nuclei, and eventually, as enough beryllium nuclei blink into existence, into a beryllium plus a helium.The end result: Atoms with six protons and six neutrons — carbon.

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It is doubted due to certain perceived flaws in its fundamental assumptions and ambiguous results.

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