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We are going through the following C# code to analyze the process of validating data in grid cell.

The C# code snippet will enable the data cell validation in a textbox column for entering only none empty strings, which will disable the data validation and display the error indicator at the row header.

I mean, a certain column on my datagridview should accept integers only, otherwise, it will return a messagebox.

Built-in validations through IData Error Info, INotify Data Error Info and Data annotation attributes, can be enabled by setting Sf Tree Grid. You can validate the cells using Current Cell Validating event when the cell is edited. You can show the error information in row header by setting IData Error Info.

Sf Tree Grid supports to show the error icon in Tree Grid Row Header Cell based on IData Error Info.

I set the first the colum as a Combo Box column which is Databind.

My question is how can I know the value of Combox Box column or identify the cell as Combo Box in Cell Validating event of the Data Grid View.

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I need to check that only one of the two can be checked.

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