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If you are on social media, you must have seen the image of the handsome security officer at Changi floating around. In an attempt to show its real time marketing skills, Paktor has offered the handsome Lee Minwei who has recently gone viral, a chance to be match made with female fans.

Lee is a corporal in the auxiliary police force at Certis Cisco who currently does security work for Changi Airport.

“However, we were unsure if our Paktor female users would be interested in such a user profile so we decided to ‘test water’ with a Facebook post to gauge reactions.

If response is good, we’ll reach out to him and invite him to get on board Paktor with a sponsored user account,” he said.

However, he added that it is always best practice to ask for permission before reposting an image.

Prantik Mazumdar, managing partner at Happy Marketer, added that that the concerns are more ethical than legal when it comes to using another Facebook user’s content and republishing it.

A total of 500,000 tickets are up for grabs for visits between April 11-16.

Visitors must register online and can register up to four participants.

Jewel Changi Airport (also known as Jewel or Jewel Changi) is a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex on the landside of Changi Airport, Singapore.However, there were some concerns on the reproduction of an image for commercial gain via a marketing activation.In statement to has also reached out to Changi on the matter.In the industry, Singapore’s Changi Airport is widely accepted as the gold-standard in airports, regularly topping Best Airport lists year after year.Meanwhile, Jewel Changi is holding an open house for Singapore residents ahead of its official opening.

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