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It is common knowledge that the global Elite run the world through the practice of banking, which is rooted in lending.The Rothschild family are the money manipulators and masters who control banking in Europe and the Rockafeller’s control banking here in the Corporate U. Thus, at the end of the day the entertainment industry is controlled and owned by the bankers, just like every other industry. To gather the funds to record and develop them I have opened this BRM recording fund where you can donate and support me for the forthcoming recording projects.You would become a patron to my music and my activities.Whitney Houston sold over 100 Million records and generated Billions of Federal Reserve notes (dollars), Euro’s, and pounds, for the world rulers.But more important than the money, Whitney Houston represented an image to the world and images in the matrix have to be controlled to their end.A corporation is issued bonds from a bank and it then begins to invest into itself with the banker money.The stocks are issued out,first to the preferred stockholders, and then the general public gets a shot at investing into the stocks, as common stock holders.

Whitney is free from the body and free from the matrix, which means her mission here was complete.

Even though there is tons of research proving it, many people don’t believe that there is a secret society that controls the music and film industry.

This is mostly due to ignorance and those people that make this claim are usually the ones who have done zero research into the topic.

Just because a company is a publicly traded one doesn’t mean that it can’t be privately owned.

A publicly traded company is broken down into three parts, bonds, preferred stocks, and common stocks.

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I’m just not sticking to the orthodox way of creating it. (about 10000 Eur or more needed) Status: 6 songs drafted 🙂 So happy. (about 10000 Euro needed) Status: 4 cover version demos done, 4 new compositions done. If I don’t raise enough, unfortunately things will not happen, so this is the opportunity to make sure it does.

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