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The actor -- who is just as well known for public shenanigans as he is for his movies, at this point -- was so nervous about his Esquire cover story interview, he rehearsed the interview with his therapist for two months.

When it came time to talk about the Savannah, Georgia, arrest (during which he hurled a variety of expletives at police, scolded a black office for arresting white people and bragged about his "millionaire lawyers," to name a few of the highlights), he told the journalist interviewing him, "I know this is uncomfortable for you to bring up, bro.

Of course, completing your education, having a source of income besides your weekly allowance , and setting up a place to live other than your parents' house are useful little details which may have skipped your mind.

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The two previously worked together on 2006’s “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.” The film screened at the Venice and Toronto film festivals to negative reviews.

A photo shoot with Shia La Beouf is a live-wire experience.

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But the biggest scandal came in 2014: Drunk on whiskey, he created such a ruckus while watching a Broadway performance of “Cabaret” that police officers hauled him off to jail.

Asked if he was worried at the time that the incident would hurt him professionally, La Beouf answers honestly: “I had people tell me it was going to,” he says.

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