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A musician, actor, and writer, Stephen's fame is primarily a result of his romantic relationship with his wife Christel.

Consequently, the major portion of his life before his marriage is unexplored. The groomsman was a popular actor, voice artist, and singer, Bryton James.

Additionally, she is best known for highlighting the part of “Lily Ashby” in an American television musical drama “The Young and the Restless”.

She is further an artist and is energetic in playing guitar.

Moreover, the writer, as well, has shown no interest in revealing his early days in the media. James also played Khalil's character's brother, Devon Hamilton, in Stephen and his wife then gave birth to a son, Michael Caden Hensley, on April 17, 2010.

Thus, most of the details including his birth date, age, childhood, parents have remained anonymous. The couple had a child after two years into marriage.

This scribe would honestly place Adams’ efforts within the last year as ranking with the best-ever dramatic efforts seen across many decades of daytime viewing.

But anyone who witnessed all strong efforts offered must admit that Adams’ performance was hands-down the best!

Adams’ portrayal of Dina is chilling for all viewers who have been, or are a part of, or may come to personally experience this identity-shifting disease within themselves.

Yes, that last point was meant to be disturbing, as no one knows if what’s happened to Dina will happen to oneself.

Dina’s descent upon Genoa City initially appeared to be for business purposes.

Her mysterious companion, Graham (Max Shippee), was also presented as part of a picture that seemed to be following standard soap lore.

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