Cisco attendant console directory not updating

The operator can smoothly answer calls and transfer them to employees across the organization.

The Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard is simple to configure and set up and very user-friendly.

First of all, you should activate the Cisco Dir Sync service. In this case, the search will be performed in SMTH organizational unit in domain.

Mapping the standard fields: We recommend you to map Directory URI to mail attribute.

Like our ALM software it is a desktop application (no server is required) that can communicate directly with the CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) and Cisco Business Edition.

The attendant console provides full control over the operator’s telephone.

Note: CUx AC pulls directory information from CUCM via AXL.

In other words, it is not specific to the Cisco OEM versions.A very simple, but likely common, scenario would be one where telephone numbers are formatted for display purposes (e.g., XXX-XXX-XXXX).In this case, the contact telephone numbers in CUx AC would be formatted with a dash so they would not match directory numbers in CUCM.Last but not least the application dial rules created in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager will be automatically imported and used. The Attendant Console synchronizes with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager to have access to directory information.In addition, a local file can be used to load contact information.

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