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“The odds are against you once you start having IVF, and the odds are against you over the age of 35. Apps and sites that weed out the slackers and the stupids will push you in the right direction.

And to pretend that it’s easy to have a baby in your 40s or 50s is — it’s just selling women a false dream.

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You don’t need to tell Joanna Coles how much Tinder sucks.

“They’ve changed how we think of relationships and how we meet people,” she says. This is not easy territory.” Make no mistake: The English-born editor, whose journalism career brought her across the pond in 1997, is no Luddite.

Actually, she considers herself “very pro-app.” But she thinks people are swiping all wrong. Back when she helmed Cosmo and, before that, Marie Claire magazine, she was inundated with tales of hellish dating experiences.

While women are busy faking their feelings, society’s lying to them, too. Mostly A’s: Samantha Jones You’ve got a carefree attitude.

Recently, a friend complained to Coles when a Tinder match suggested they go for a hike — even though she’d claimed to like hiking on her profile. Tactics like these are a waste of time, and a misuse of apps’ filtration systems, Coles says. Lie.” If we can all manage to cut the BS, the payoff, Coles promises, is worth it.

You’re not just looking for any old dude; you’re looking for a good fit, so when it comes to your profile: “Be authentic. “It’s not retro to want to get married and have kids,” she says. There are so many fascinating people in my city, and I know most of them.

“It is not empowering to get blackout drunk,” Coles says sternly. Apps that put you in the driver’s seat and tap into your social network are going to be big when looking for a mister.

“Fifty percent of sexual assaults occur when alcohol is involved … Try: Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge Mostly C’s: Charlotte York Your Pinterest boards for wedding dresses are renowned.

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