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A brand new series emerges from deep within the mind of The Kreme, a series that will from time to time follow the journey of a cursed ring, cursed to forever make its wearer or possessor become something they never imagined, someone they never fathomed being, doing things they would never consider doing just to release the ring onto whoever should find it next. It was a morning when everything changed for Abel, everything eventually changed for Kelly, and their relationship changed forever. time to study hard, get some head in the class, and make a pet of the teacher.Journeying beyond Konversation, beyond Trance-tory, beyond even SINtendo and Brain Drain, this epic tale will bridge together the past in surprising ways, and offer everyone a little unexpected Guidance. Fortunately The Kreme’s Back 2 School bundles are your study guides to the joys of stimulating education. And, of course, Donnie returns to enjoy the time of the season and all of the mini-pizzas he can!Get ready Readers for that special time of the year… Worried about the sorority sisters Katie will soon be shacking up with heading off to college, it might be a different Shack that changes everything for Sandra and Katie.Is it lucky or unlucky when they happen upon Jack Jones, the owner of The Seamen Shack, working on a new beach attraction for his establishment? Kreme is an author of online erotica, having written hundreds of stories in every theme imaginable for the past twenty years.His work, like his name, is fresh and hot daily, leaving readers often glazed to their seats with what twist and turn the tale will take next.On Halloween, coed twin sisters Malerie and Valerie crossed paths with real witches, ones leading their own sorority in Salem. Thirteen attractive girls chosen from candidates around the world are to spend three nights in De Liniac Tower, a building with a reputation.

One of the most popular series by the Kreme is the series based around the infamous technology called Brain Drain.So whether you are wanting a simple story of overwhelming seduction of innocence or a tale with legend and myth, where everything from demons, leprechauns, or even the Easter Bunny make an appearance, you can find a bit of everything served up from Kris P. There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of.Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!but you won't find this show on any channel, only played out in the depths of your imagination again and again until you just can't take any more.Witness what happens when the delicate balance of reality and logic is shattered at the most unexpected of times and those who are forever trapped inside... These are those tales, paired up per episode, where anything can happen to anyone for no reason at all. Abel never was much of a morning person, though a wife like Kelly could inspire him to still be up just past dawn.

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A tale crossing boundaries between many Kreme worlds leads to many questions... Did he defeat Jessica, the Mental Mistress, like he had her friends? Find out in the Koncluding book that takes you beyond your most unearthly expectations.

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