Dating a hiv positive guy

But this takes careful planning, and extra steps are necessary to reduce the risk.Talk to your doctor if you’re planning to become pregnant, since your best options may be affected by whether you’re on ART, whether your health is generally good, and which person in the relationship has HIV.Monogamy is great, don’t get me wrong, but it can fail.The truth is most HIV infection is a result of sex with someone who doesn’t know their status.However, given that condoms aren’t 100 percent effective, the CDC recommends taking additional precautionary steps.

And with the right precautions, even that most intimate of connections — conceiving a child together — can safely be accomplished.When one person in a couple is diagnosed with the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, it has a significant effect on the couple’s romantic relationship — there’s always a chance that the infected person can transmit HIV to his or her partner.The most dangerous possibility for HIV transmission occurs when a partner is infected but doesn’t know it, says Marilyn Henderson, BSN, RN, the director of the science department at the Medical Institute for Sexual Health in Austin, Texas.Using a condom or a dental dam may help reduce the risk of HIV transmission in these situations.According to the British government organization AIDSMap, HIV-positive women can have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, without passing HIV to their child.

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In men who have sex with men, anal intercourse also poses a risk of infection for the insertive partner, Henderson says, although the danger is 13 times greater for the receptive partner.

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