Dating a man with a broken heart

Often people who are suffering from a broken heart tend to worry about the future or obsess over the past, and that’s where practicing mindfulness can be a helpful coping mechanism,” said Marter. Rest, eat nutritious foods, exercise to the point of sweat,” because the endorphins released through exercise will help.

Keeping a gratitude journal can help to shift the perspective from focusing on the negative to recognizing the positive. I have found running to be therapeutic, and a lot of people take comfort in re-connecting with spirituality in times of emotional turmoil.

If breakups were easy, they would have a more accurate name—like a “filter” or “cleanse”—but what if we approached a break up as an experience to learn about ourselves?

Marter said, “even though broken hearts are painful, there are lessons we learn if we honor the feelings of grief.

“There is a lot of grief, and people often feel like ‘I’m not lovable,’” said Marter. Friends affirmed that I was a “great catch” and that l would meet someone else, but all the while he still existed, living in the same apartment only miles away, taking calls on the same phone that he never answered when I called because he wanted nothing to do with me any longer.

There is no socially established mourning process for the death of a relationship. It took long months for that pain to begin to subside.

Having expectations of how someone else is supposed to act, feel, think, speak and behave.

And then sometimes, you just fall out of love with the love of your life, because it just doesn’t really feel like that anymore.

You’ve been there before; you’ve pulled out the tub of ice cream and your copy of The Notebook on DVD.

It can happen to anyone at any time and you rarely expect it.

What they don’t tell you is that along with that great big exciting and heart thumping moment where the sparks fly, is the moment where everything falls apart.

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Sometimes, relationships really just don’t work for logical reasons.

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