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The issue with this film is the third act, it isn't a good script ending.

Sometimes it remind me to 2013 "Prisoners" with Hugh Jackman.

There is a constant threat of danger to all the characters involved.

Many people lose their lives, yet fortunately the film is not too graphically gory.

He received a BAFTA nomination for playing the role of cyberterrorist Raoul Silva in the James Bond film Skyfall.

Ballerina Dominika Egorova is recruited to 'Sparrow School,' a Russian intelligence service where she is forced to use her body as a weapon. In 1981, Virginia Vallejo is a famous Colombia's journalist and TV news anchorwoman who is invited to a VIPs party in the ranch of Pablo Escobar, a low-born man who gained money and power with drug trafficking together his friends, turning them in the new generation of rich men of the country.

Javier made his film debut at the age of six in Fernando Fernán Gomez's El Pícaro (The Scoundrel).

Javier Bardem is best known for playing the role of Anton Chigurh, the psychopathic assassin in the 2007 Cohen brothers film No Country For Old Men.

It causes that the DEA's agent Shepard interests by his business and by Virginia, contacting her looking for a way to stop him.

With the President Belisario Betancur allying with USA to stop Escobar and extradite him to judge outside Colombia, this last one starts a...

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The performance earnt him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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