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You can definitely tell the difference between the established Russian girls here and the Russian girls you find in Russia...Well, westernised or americanised can be a good thing too. It is the matter of time when your woman will be too.Even though it's a Russian-langugage site, you can still list an American city in your profile and do searches for girls who are here in the States.My observation from dating these girls: they quickly become Americanized!The way I see it, most of these women came here by marrying a AM in the first place..divorced they are looking for a local RM in America.When I was single and looking I explored this and talked to many RWs living in the US advertising on free russian sites.

Married an AM, got her status, a job in the USA and now divorced and looking for a guy who she'll feel culturally closer to, or as a couple of these girls put it to me "somebody for the soul".

IMO you would have a much better chance finding your RW in the FSU and if you know what you are doing, how and where to look, how to communicate, etc your chances are 99% (figuratevely speaking) better finding her there.

In my case, being an American citizen, but a native Russian speaker I could have gotten some of these women if I wanted to.

I think this is another potential website where you know that women at least have a computer and check their email hopefully regularly.

I've dated some local Russian women I met on ru.

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  1. The downside to that however is people grow to believe that in order to insure the survival of your culture or community, you have to marry only within that particular community. Many websites and blogs that seem to celebrate interracial relationships are really just a front to perpetuate very narrow views on why interracial relationships are “ideal”, “preferred” or “superior”.