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Also, pick a good one as loads seem to be either unfaithful or machista, or both.” -Anonymous “A Colombian man will treat his woman with gentleness, warmth and love.He will always look out for this woman and go out of his way to make her happy.” -Anonymous “Colombians love European women, but they have hard time accepting cultural differences.”-Anonymous I meet a Colombian guy at my friend’s party he asked her to present me to him and i went over yo say hi and we talked for 2 month and know his telling me nice things but he has a wife and child back in Colombia…And am not sure if he really likes me or just whats someone to warm his bed.Colombian men and women are known for their good looks worldwide.However, good looks aren’t the only thing Colombian men are known for.” It seems as though it is still taboo to talk about STDs and birth control, which is appalling. ” -Anonymous “A Colombian man bases his notion of what a woman should be like after his female family members. Earrings are a MUST; if you don’t wear them, you are not a woman.

It freaked me out because I was like “Whoa, I thought you were a smart guy, this is some pretty basic stuff?!

I wouldn’t think that you can generalize a WHOLE country full of men into a stereotype.

My family has great Colombian men, educated ones with businesses, others that worked for NASA, producers in the film industry, and busssiness oriented and artistic men.

Most of the foreign girls I’ve met who live in Bogota have moved because of their partners.

Although Colombians travel abroad, they eventually feel the need to come back to their homeland and be close to their family.” -Anonymous “Colombian men seem to be generally quite sensitive so this can be something that brings some extra drama (or romance) to relationships.

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