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The church has supported the restoration and revival of several Jesuit mission churches in the lowlands of the Oriente.

The reality of life for the urban poor, however, is far from the ideal.No other sport in Bolivia approaches the popularity of soccer (association football), and the nation has occasionally gained international recognition for soccer, particularly after their national team placed second at the 1997 South American Championship (Copa America).For decades, separate women’s and men’s games have been played in communities throughout the country, and each city has soccer clubs with devoted fans.Various exhibits, conferences, and lectures are organized at the Bolivian American Centre, L’Alliance Française (a French cultural institute), the British Council, the Goethe Institute, and the Casa de España (Spanish Institute) of Santa Cruz.The nation’s most extensive library holdings are at the University of San Andrés, and there is a smaller collection at the National Library of Congress. The National Symphony Orchestra in La Paz offers regular performances and special concerts for children and for residents of the less developed areas of the city.

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Clubs for horseback riding, golf, and tennis offer a variety of activities to the country’s growing middle and upper classes.

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