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One of the most “useful” classes you can take is sex-ed.Sexual Educations teaches about the girl body and the boy body as they go from children to adult, and where they suddenly become attracted to each other.When three high school sophomores set up a weblog as a class project to research whether girls or boys are more sex-crazed--and to play matchmaker, their own messy love lives become even more complicated. Stine's Fear Street Series, The Blair Witch Files, and Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sw...A former children's book editor at Random House and Parachute Press, Natalie Standiford is also the author of a number of children's books. When girls lose their cuties, boys are no longer gross, and they want to get together.

And is Rod ready for what Holly has in stock for him? This was a good follow up to the first book, The Dating Game Novel. I loved how she showed us this new side of Lina, we all knew it was coming, but it's a whole norther thing when your suspicions are confirmed. Jordan Reader reviewed by Alexandra In The Dating Game, Madison, Lina, and Holly start a sex survey-slash-matchmaking website for a school project, instantly skyrocketing their social status.But the girls personal love life, is juicy enough to blog about, too bad Autumn has no clue what's going on, especially for Lina.Could she have finally found a way to get to Dan, her lover?They also set it up so students at RSAGE could only access it, and made it a match maker service, with them in charge.For Mads this was about getting Sean Benedetto, a senior at the school, to fall madly in love with her.

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