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In that sense, he is the finest political writer in English since Swift, satirist, stylist, moralist and stirrer, who influenced him so much.The mature Orwell called Swift ‘a Tory anarchist’, forgetting that he had once used the phrase of himself when asked, as a young man, where he stood.He saw his literary and his political values as perfectly complementary to each other, he could not conceive of them being in contradiction — even if plain style sometimes limited the kind of literature he could enjoy as well as the development of his own more theoretical ideas.His own style became a cutting edge which, with much trial and error, by fits and starts, he slowly forged into a weapon of legendary strength.Orwell’s reputation and influence have increased since his death and show no sign of diminishing.The actual life of such a writer is, alas, only half the story.

What was remarkable in Orwell was not his political position, which was common enough, but that he demanded publicly that his own side should live up to their principles, both in their lives and in their policies, should respect the liberty of others and tell the truth.He did not claim to be a political philosopher, nor simply a political polemicist: he was a writer, a general writer, author of novels, descriptive works that I will call ‘documentaries’, essays, poems and innumerable book reviews and newspaper columns.But if his best work was not always directly political in the subject matter, it always exhibited political consciousness.Bailey, Dr Ernest Colin-Ross, Dr John Field, Alaric Jacob, Betty O’Halloran, Andrew Roberts, Dr R. Almost all of the material that came to me directly, I passed on to the Orwell Archive and so it was available to Michael Shelden when working on his recent , still in progress.Some interesting new material remained in my hands, however, largely because it was in the form of interview notes.

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