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And it’s worth noting that people tend to hit up human resources a relationship ends — so it might be worth notifying HR anyway, especially if it’s recommended in your company policy.“Most people think it’s not necessary, nor do they want it broadcasted officially,” says Trisha Zulic, an HR professional who also serves on the SHRM’s Special Expertise panel.“For instance, if an individual is seen as being given opportunities, access, or other favors that are not substantiated by merit or need, then it can create problems with staff morale.”It’s not just an issue between supervisors and subordinates.“If you work in analytics, for example, and you’re sharing your analytic method with your partner but not your other co-workers, this could be a problem,” Baker says.“Research suggests that secret relationships can be corrosive,” Baker says.She recommends breaking the news with an announcement that’s brief and to the point by saying something like, “Yes, we had a date, but I’d like to keep that between us, if you don’t mind.” You can even do the same with your manager if you have a friendly rapport.“I think it’s because in this particular era, people don’t do the centralized socializing outside of work that they might have done in past years.”If you’ve struck up a romance with the new hire down the hall, here’s what to know to keep your career intact.Dig out your employee handbook and check your company’s specific policy.

And the benefits continue once an office romance is in full swing.

While co-workers can be surprisingly supportive of office relationships, that won’t happen if they suspect you (or your significant other) of playing favorites.

“There might be the appearance of favoritism based on personal relationships,” Keels says.

In this case, only the person who’s dating you gets the benefit of your expertise — which why it’s ideal for you not to be on the same team or department in the first place.

But if it’s unavoidable, then consider talking to your HR department, as they can help you figure out how to ensure fairness and organizational integrity.

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“Dating someone within your department will affect your opportunities for promotion, because the company can’t put you in a position where one of you reports to the other,” Heathfield explains.

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