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It also led to the destruction of 58 shops, 247 dwellings and one factory.

Discriminated against by apartheid legislation, such as the Group Areas Act, applied in 1950, Indians were forcibly moved into Indian townships, and had their movements restricted.

The riots resulted in the massacre of mostly poor Indians.

Increasingly they self-identified as "African", "South African" and, when necessary, "Indian South Africans".

Nonetheless, the spread of democratic elections has sometimes heightened ethnic loyalties.

Politicians and groups have looked for means to mobilise power in the competitive parliamentary democracy which South Africa has become since 1994.

South African English • Afrikaans • Gujarati • Punjabi • Marathi • Hindi • Awadhi • Bhojpuri • Urdu • Tamil • Telugu • Malayalam • Kannada • Other languages of South Asia • Other languages of South Africa Many Indians in South Africa are descendants of migrants from colonial India (South Asia) during late 19th-century through early 20th-century.

At times Indians were subsumed in the broader geographical category "Asians".

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