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She Has a Longtime Boyfriend Laina Morris claims she has a boyfriend despite her creepy role in her meme.

Her Trademark Is Her Weirdo Looks She has released many other videos most of which characterized the overly attached girlfriend, with a signature appearance of a weird-looking fixed gaze with wide open eyes and a smiley face.6.I would love to do stand up for sure, or SNL-type stuff.If I could ever get good enough to do something like SNL I would definitely.The ad went viral, attaining close to 1.8 million views within four days of its release.See Also: Ryan Debolt Bio, Married, Relationship with Sara Ramirez, Family4.

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I have been in contact with Overly Attached Boyfriend, and so I’ve been talking to him, so he’ll probably be in a video pretty soon. And he is really behind the scenes big time, but he also has some camera time as well, so I’d definitely be interested in something like that because sometimes I feel like I could think of really funny ideas, but I don’t think I could be the one to make it as funny as I imagine it.

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