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Been digging and finding a lot of duraglass on the top. (Information courtesy of Phil Perry, engineer with that company.) This process - and the embossed notation of it ( in script) on the base of many Owens-Illinois products - began in 1940 and continued up until at least the mid-1950s, though the process is still in use today without the notation (Toulouse 1971; Miller & Morin 2004; Phil Perry, O-I engineer pers. (See the machine-made bottle dating page Question #11 for more information on the dating of this bottle.)" The above was borrowed from Bill Lindsey's invaluable site.

Thanks Hello Nicholas, "Duraglas - This was the proprietary name for a process used by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company where the surface of the hot, just produced bottles, were sprayed on the body, shoulder, and neck (not base or the top of the finish) with a stannic chloride vapor that allowed the tin to bond to the outer surface and providing scratch resistance and durability to the bottles. The photo to the right (click to enlarge) is of a 1951 beer bottle with the Duraglas notation in the lower portion of the base embossing.

Most of the items in these pattern glass sets were not marked, but are fairly well known and recognized by collectors who specialize in studying tableware patterns of that era.

The patterns made include In 1936, Hazel-Atlas introduced a type of glass called Platonite, which looks very much like ordinary milk glass but has a more “translucent” or “almost-see-through” quality.

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Some patterns were also made in cobalt blue and, in a few cases, amethyst.

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Plants were located at Wheeling, WV; Washington, PA; Clarksburg, WV; Zanesville, OH; Grafton, WV; Ada, OK; Pomona, CA; Blackwell, OK; Lancaster, NY; Oakland, CA; Montgomery, AL; and Plainfield, IL. This chart is probably from a trade publication of the 1950s: Chart of Hazel-Atlas base codes on containers, courtesy of

Hazel Atlas Florentine No 1 dinner plate, circa 1932-1935. Hazel Atlas produced huge quantities of “Depression glass” tableware in the 1920s, 1930s and ’40s, most commonly in the typical “Depression era” transparent glass colors of light green, clear (“crystal”), pink and yellow (actually a light yellow leaning toward yellow-amber).

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