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The round hole is the "pritchel" hole- used for punching nail holes thru on horsehoes for themost part. The other Peter Wright came from a friend who got it from his dad.

His dad had been a working smith who died in 1952 or so, and that Peter Wright anvil came from his dad's shop.

It has a small triangle metal piece on top at one end. The 1-1-1 on the anvil is the weight of the anvil in an old system of units. So, the weight of your anvil then = 110 lbs 11 lb 1 lb, or 122 lbs.

For this reason, a good quality old anvil in reasonable shape is sought after.

After alot of grinding and welding to repair the crack, side chips and sway back I have come to like the anvil.

One side is straight, there is still a slight dip in the center and a selection of various radii along the sides.

A great book "Anvils in America" by Richard Postman can explain your anvils maker as well as the many others that are found here in America.

Hay Budden, Arm & Hammer, Trenton, Fisher Eagle are some of the anvils that were actually produced here in states. As for any repair, you've got to know how it was made first.

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The square hole you name on the anvil is the "hardy hole".

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