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These enemies intend to remove the constraint that Russia (and China) place on Washington’s unilateralism.The various incidents staged by the West, such as the Skirpal poisoning, Syrian use of chemical weapons, Malaysian airliner, and false charges, such as Russian invasion of Ukraine, are part of the West’s determined intent to isolate Russia, deny her any influence, and prepare the insouciant Western populations for conflict with Russia. ** Book Biological effects of surfactants, in libraries of the U. ** 台灣, 台湾, Taiwan libraries bought the book ‘Biological Effects of Surfactants’ authored by a Moscow University environmental scientist, a Fulbright Awardee Dr. The Russian government’s failure to complete the liberation of Syria has given Washington Syrian territory from which to renew the conflict.The failure to accept Luhansk and Donetsk into Russia has provided Washington with the opportunity to arm and train the Ukrainian army and renew the assault on the Russian populations of Ukraine. book was acquired by the National Taiwan University Library and the libraries of two other universities of Taiwan. ** FAQ (Frequently asked questions) on the book: S.

There is only one Western foreign policy and it is Washington’s.

** ** Fundamentals of Ecology, Environmental Sciences That Were Advanced in Books, Papers by Dr S.

Ostroumov In English, in Russian ** Book Biological effects of surfactants, S.

Harty (CIEE Research Station Bonaire, Dutch Carribean): citation of Dr.

Ostroumov at Moscow State University ** Citation of the publications on environmental sciences, research at Moscow University.

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