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The clean channel is surprisingly strong and holds clean way up until the bitter end. I think you can find some old threads on the subject https://

You have to get past 6, on the audio taper pot to begin to make it clip. Some say it sounds like a Boogie but it sounds nothing like the MKI, MKII or MKIII amps I have had. If I had one I would probably mod the lead channel to a clean baxandall (like a "jazz amp") and add a dwell control for the reverb. q=site%...mos/ concert I had one of these until recently, and played many gigs with it.

I'd put up some clips but do not have the gear to make that possible. Loved that thing...master vol in those days .....19 mumble mumble...ha ...4 of the 10's were in the bottom half of the cab with the the other 4 in the top half slanting up at about head height.....could open that baby up and just scream......

You can also do over the top drive..admit that I don't take it that thing. Reminds me of a cartoon someone printed in one of our local papers...shows a bunch of young guys with ink,metal and lotsa hair...guy holding a guitar plugged into a very large amp goes...."Chords!? No dude, I play distortion" I'd like to hear a 2X10 config.... I played a just reissued Gold top Les Paul Standard with P90's straight into the Marshall....a sound! But it'd be a beast to cart around at this advanced stage of the innings.

Dig my Concert to around 10 years...a keeper. I had one for a few years and to be frank, I hated it. To me, it sounds nothing like the classic fender amps.

I can get mild, warm-verge-of-breakup ala Sco, to singing lead sounds think early Capton, or Carlton in full cry. I only use those names to give a kind of reference....It has the unmistakable sound of a good old black face Fender and probably closer to a Twin than a Super Reverb. It has its own, medium gain sounds that somewhat split the difference between a cranked Super Reverb and maybe a little Boogie-like. These are really good amps, "the last of the hand wired Fenders", at least for a while. It sounds like a good Fender should, with great clean sounds, lots of headroom and a nice reverb. If you can get one of these at a good price, I'd highly recommend it.The overdrive channel is OK, but a little bit nasty sounding. I paid a little less, but these have become popular and prices have risen. Compared with other amps in the same price range, I think they're a good value. It does work well and has some nice modern features while retaining all the black face parts you need. If I can answer any questions or take pictures let me know. I have a 1X12 early 80's Concert, just like the one in the photo above. Long story short, I found the tube amp guru [probably in the country]...asked what I didn't like about the amp and what I was shooting for....."Set bias and measured output"...60.5 watts RMS clip point 112 watts RMS max BTW the power tubes he installed for my request for max clean head room were a matched pair of Svetlana 6L6 GC's.The clean channel has huge power capacity, mids are set..have treble and bass controls with a treble boost pull switch.

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