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When I said I will ask my lawyer to call them back, they threatened me that once I hung up, my files would.

Be sent to local IRS office and the local police would investigate me.

This unidentified man called on Oct said police would be at my house with police in hrs said my black and blue will miss Christmas because I will be locked up number showed up on my phone was said he was investigator ITALIAN: HANNO CHIAMATO ANCHE A ME SOLO CHE IL MIO INGLESE FA SCHIFO E QUINDI HANNO RIAGGANCIATO MA CHI SONO?????


s home, cell phone, and place of employment- They refuse to provide any details about the alleged payday loans and become abusive when questioned- The callers have threatened victims with legal actions, arrests, and, in some cases, physical violence if they do not pay- In many cases, the callers harass victims?LET ME KNOW THANKSI have been getting cell phone calls from this number once a day, usually in the morning, every week day for a couple weeks- I don't pick up on numbers I don't know, and they never leave a voice mail message WHAT IS REALLY STUPID IS THAT WE HAVE VERIZON FIOS INTERNET AND PHONE, BUT BECAUSE WE HAVE A CHRISTIAN PROGRAM THAT COMES ON DIRECTV HRS DAILY MON-FRI, WE TOLD THEM THAT WE DO NOT WANT TO USE THE FIOS TV SERVICE- WE ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE OUR MINDS, UNLESS VERIZON GETS THE SAME PROGRAM, WHICH IS SHEPHERD'S CHAPEL ON DIRECTV CH FROM MID TO NOON MON-FRII got a mailer from Sunshine Promotions offering me round trip tickets and car rental if I called that number and attended a travelors club meeting- I was told I could call back at ,x to speak to a Jim Richards Got a call from this number on - This came from a recruiter- There are recruiting companies based in U-S- with offices in India- You can refuse to give your SSI number but they don't know that they can't ask for it since they are not familiar with U-S- laws- If you have resumes uploaded on job sites, they get them and contact you with requirements that they get from dice, monster, indeed, etc- There is no harm with these companies since they, as I said above, have U-S- office addresses and U-S- numbers (these are U-S- VOIP numbers and modems are in India making you think they are calling from the U-SI got a call from Melissa- Left message with call back number , X- Message never identifies company calling- Just says to call them back regarding natural gas bill- Called the number (Probably a mistake) and hear "Your call is important to us and you will be transfered to the next agent" Said nothing about the company, said number about dial the extention- I hung up before anybody answered Text message : Do you need to in just minutes?visit www-quickrushlend-com and start now- Type "END" for no future alerts- I'm filling a do not call complaint against this number I bet if I text them back they will spam me even further The same thing happened to me where i was charged - and do not know what company or what it was for- I called my bank and had my card cancelled as well as my money refunded- Did you guys make recent purchases online?Wanted to meet with me and husband about oil gas rights- Said he was in area and read names of some neighbors to me- Asked if I had noticed him I his white jeep in the neighborhood- Hung up as soon as I s Asked questions They place an order and:- they send a fake check for more than the total price and want you to send them back the difference via Western Union or a Green Dot card- they send a fake check and want you to pay their "shipper" (the same scammer using a fake website)- they want to use Paypal and send a fake Paypal email Called this afternoon,they were trying to "give" me a free trial for Brite White teeth whitening product- Wouldn't take no for an answer so I hung up,called back about minutes later, I didn't answer that time I'm getting calls from them from SEVERAL different phone numbers saying my account is overdue- I don't have an account with them- Found out someone opened one in my name social and charged up in my name- Now I'm fighting the charges- UGHIls m'appelent régulièrement depuis deux ans même si je demande qu'ils me retirent de la liste- J'ai envoyé un courriel tel qu'ils me l'ont conseillé (avec une adresse hotmail) et le courriel en question ne fonctionne pas You're a real pice of work you Scammer Nice try on your extortion plot Hey btw, I never received the written letter in the mail that I requested???I wonder why not,hmmmm JOESPH LANG IS A FRAUD AND A SCAMMER Do not trust Integrated Servies or Integrated recovery Servies Nice email address with the written request of debt owed, email -lol, A -org address with a ghost street address and location Why don't you stop being a little [email protected]&tch and get a real job you fraud Goldman Price & Associates also known as Goldberg Keller & Brown have a main # () that is flagged as a telemarketing- They claim to be a Law firm- Known scam names are John Cambell, Mr Thomson ex & ex, Mr Freeman ex- They use a variety of scare tactics (Completely illegal) to harass- Most of the calls are completely bogus and contain threats much as one would expect from the Mafia- They will not give information about their claims because they have already made false claim & threats- They do not belong to BBB and have a rating of F on a scale of A to F- They have complaints closed with BBB in the last yr and in the last mo- They have listed with Spokes & - It is believed they may be part of an identy theft ring- That does not even cover these other phone #: ( , () , () , () , () They also have a PO box # in Buffalo NY, The person said he was conducting a survey and wanted to know my total amount of debt- He insisted that I had hospital bills, credit card bills exceeding ,- He kept asking how much I owed and said he could make it better- I told him to make someone else feel better and hung up Kept getting calls from , called it back and they had a message for their company Pinger-com- Did soom research and found out Pinger is a American service that is offering free sms to anywhere in the world, which is unlimited- Its a textfree with Voice for i Phone, i Pod touch (also works on i Pad)- Pinger's Textfree website: pinger-com textfree that let's you send and receive texts for FREEYou read more on how it works at their Frequently Asked Questions forum:pinger-zendesk-com entries ?

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