Dating wbsites in usa kolkata

Date Time Format('en-US', options).format(date)); // → "Thursday, December 20, 2012, GMT" // sometimes you want to be more precise options = ; console.log(new Intl.Date Time Format('en-AU', options).format(date)); // → " pm AEDT" // sometimes even the US needs 24-hour time options = ; console.log(new Intl.Date Time Format('ko-KR').format(date)); // → "2012. Date Time Format('ar-EG').format(date)); // → "١٩" // for Japanese, applications may want to use the Japanese calendar, // where 2012 was the year 24 of the Heisei era console.log(new Intl.

Dezember 2012" // an application may want to use UTC and make that visible Zone = 'UTC'; Zone Name = 'short'; console.log(new Intl.

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Date Time Format('en-US').format(date)); // → "12/19/2012" // British English uses day-month-year order console.log(new Intl.

Date Time Format('en-GB').format(date)); // → "19/12/2012" // Korean uses year-month-day order console.log(new Intl. 19." // Arabic in most Arabic speaking countries uses real Arabic digits console.log(new Intl.

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