Dating your singer machine

In order to use the ISMACS database that is linked below, you'll need your serial number.This is typically one or two letters and then a string of numbers.You can check our list of Singer sewing machine posts. Otherwise please see our resurrecting vintage sewing machines series.That has information that can be applied to just about any antique or vintage sewing machine.If you need a more specific question answered be sure to reach out.We are happy to answer questions to help you get your machine back up and running. The reason is that they really aren't worth that much.

In 1883 the "Improved Family" machine appeared and in 1885 the VS1 (Viberating Shuttle), in 1886 the 27 / 28 and in 1912 through the 1950's 128 / 128 were manufactured and sold.If you have the serial number the model number for the machine will be listed on the ISMACS database for Singer Sewing Machine serial numbers.If you don't have the serial number though it can be difficult to identify some machines because they kind of look alike.It's great if you just have a couple of pictures to go off of to identify a machine.I wish I could say that we have every machine Singer ever made with a full tutorial on how to use the machine. You can see the posts we have on Singer sewing machines here.

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