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The group's early years had seen a revolving door of drummers, but as Novoselic told Michael Azerrad in the band biography , "We knew within two minutes that he was the right drummer. "We just continued."And as they continued, their momentum kept increasing: Nirvana signed their major-label deal with DGC Records a few months after Grohl's arrival, releasing their second studio effort, , in September 1991. 1 hit on their hands, setting in motion Nirvana's whirlwind ascent to worldwide rock stardom — and their equally rapid, and tragic, dissolution.Dave is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and director.By the fall of 1990, Nirvana were one of the fastest-rising young rock bands in the Northwest — but they were still waiting for the drummer that would transform them into the group that bassist Krist Novoselic would later describe as "a beast that walked the earth."That drummer was Dave Grohl — at 21, already a grizzled veteran of the Washington, D.C., rock scene whose résumé boasted a stint with the punk band Scream.Frances stated that nothing untoward happened with the Foo Fighters‘ frontman, insisting she has “never been approached” by Grohl.Her full statement, via Rolling Stone, reads: “While I’m generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn.The Foo Fighters frontman was visiting Amoeba Records in Los Angeles when the store also happened to be hosting a Lana Del Rey live in-store performance. Grohl introduced his daughter and told the crowd that she had recently asked to learn to play the drums.

21, 1990 — something not known by Nirvana's drummer at the time, future Mudhoney member Dan Peters, who'd been in the lineup just long enough to track one single, "Sliver," and whose first (and last) show with the band took place Sept. Days later, Grohl joined Cobain and Novoselic for a session at local studio the Dutchman, quickly proving he was the missing link they'd been looking for. "I don’t remember them saying, ‘You’re in the band,’" recalled Grohl.

After being married for 3 years, Youngblood and Grohl headed for a divorce in .

The Nirvana rock star indeed chose a pretty name for his youngest daughter, the name has its origins rooted in the ancient language, Greek and ‘Ophelos’ means ‘help’.

Likely, he started playing guitar at a very young age and is self-taught for the most part.

He later taught himself to play drums, citing John Banham as his biggest influence.

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