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They gave me a hard time and wanted to first try and bury us in there sand hole before we left. I was so excited to be next to Dan that I was in a dream state and agreed also.

Dan and I agreed since they had spent a long time digging what looked like a 4 foot deep hole. Joey proceeded to tie our hands with the surfboard bungees.

When I called Dan, he was cool about it and we changed plans for Saturday, he was going to teach me to the brats in tow.

Saturday morning I was nervous to see Dan, I bought a full body lycra dive suit to wear, to cover-up my very tiny bikini. Dan picked us up, he was tan and muscular, I was nervous and shy, but we seemed to be getting along even with Joey and Doug along for the day.

I'm not actually a dad but I expect to be one in a relatively near future. As many of you I regard my childhood as a golden age. I could "kill" for having a son or a daughter of my own and I'm hopeful that in many ways I will be a great dad... No one should be blamed for the fact that is gay, has a crushed bugs fetish or whatever!

We didnt see it coming because I knew my brothers were out of town with my parents & I was staying with Nicole. Katrina pulled down the rag & started to tickle me! I opened the door to warn them, but got a hand instead covering my mouth!

I know (or else I hope) this isn't a forum of mol CENSUREDs but how could this concerned dad (err..

Oh heck maybe just a little but everyone knows that what make us read all this stuff is related to a word started with the letter P and ended with Y that I won't spell to you because it seems to be a forbidden word in here...

Against my better judgement, I went to see where the noise was coming from. I really didnt know how much time I had until the girls returned. (Besides, quickies are the only things I've got...)I was 16, spending the summer with my Dad and his wife (Laura) in San Diego not too far from Mission Beach (rough life huh! Mom and Dad were divorced so I got to leave Chicago for chunks of time during the summer months.

It sounded like a mmmppphh coming from the rec room. I had to give the little creeps credit, they outnumbered us & they could tie good knots. Taking the file, I tried to pry the tight knots open. For about ten strenuous minutes, I worked the knots. Dad is really cool, however his new wife is kind of her kids are brats as well.

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Suddenley, from behind, someone shoved their hand over my mouth!! He came right up to me, and said, He and Taylor just laughed!!

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