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If people click this link, a blocked page may be shown (dependent on your preference).This chatbot that you can find on Messenger, is quite cool and I wanted to make one to assist me in my future job search (or at least a skeleton for a future chatbot).I am definetly not a proper developer; but I am a coder (as a data scientist/maker can be) and a Python lover (a lot of colleagues try to push me to use for this project but I refused) so I decided to try to make my own chatbot in Python.Obviously, we’ll use your e-mail address to send you the e-mail newsletters you’ve subscribed to.We may also approach you if you’ve left some brilliant comments on the site: we might want to work with you! We will use your telephone details after we’ve tried to contact you via e-mail and this e-mail bounced, resulted in other error messages or you simply didn’t answer for some kind of reason.

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My options on AWS to deploy the Flask application were: The two first options were still in the same range of price that Heroku and I found the Elastic beanstalk approach very restricted. To deploy the Flask application on a lambda I have to find a dependency that permit that. I tested this library for some other api projects, it’s good but I have to translate all my code from the Flask Framework to the Chalice framework so …

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